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Gum Arabic Powder

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Gum Arabic is the highly nutritive hardened sap of acacia trees, cultivated or found in the wild, throughout West Asia, Arabia and the Sahel. It is used as an natural emulsifier and coating in confections and soft drinks. A notable use is as a glaze for chocolates, pastries, fruits and shiny, extra-crunchy, varnished nuts (1 part gum arabic dissolved in 2 parts water for 20 parts nuts). The shiny glaze also hold in moisture and increases shelf life. Gum arabic can also be used to bind and thicken sauces, soups, dressings and ices, and to hold essential oil and water mixtures in suspension.

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As a natural emulsifier and coating agent, Gum Arabic or acacia powder adds a touch of magic to confections and soft drinks, elevating their texture and consistency. Its notable use as a glaze creates a lustrous finish on chocolates, pastries, and fruits, leaving them with a shiny and extra-crunchy appeal. When applied to varnished nuts, Gum Arabic showcases its prowess—1 part dissolved in 2 parts water enhances the nuts' brilliance and extends their shelf life by locking in moisture. Beyond its role in confectionery, Gum Arabic proves its versatility in the kitchen. As a binding and thickening agent, it lends its assistance to sauces, soups, dressings, and ices, elevating their texture and flavor profile. Moreover, Gum Arabic effortlessly suspends essential oil and water mixtures, ensuring their uniform distribution and enhancing their aromatic potential.



Harvested from cultivated or wild trees, this natural wonder has found its place as a versatile ingredient in culinary and confectionery delights.
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