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Whole Dried Ghost Chiles

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The heat of chiles is rated in Scoville Units. A rating of 100 indicates that a chile must be diluted 100:1 before its heat becomes undetectable. A Serrano comes in at about 15,000, a Habaneros at about 200,000 and a Ghost Chile (Bhut Jolokia, Naga Jolokia Bhut = Ghost, Naga = Cobra, Jolokia = Chile) at a scary 1,000,000. It is popular in Northeast India, in sauces, raw, as an elephant repellant, and surprisingly, as a cure for stomach ills. Use it as you would any other chile, but very, very carefully, Eye contact is dangerous. All skin contact should be avoided.

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Adding complexity to sauces, marinades, and spice blends, these chilis work well in diverse cuisines. From Asian stir-fries to Mexican salsas, their heat adds dimension without overpowering the flavors. For those who appreciate intense heat, using a small portion can create an exhilarating taste experience. When using, remember that a little goes a long way, and handle them with care due to their potency.



Whole Dried Ghost Chiles consist solely of ghost chilis, dried to preserve their fiery essence. Their heat level and distinct aroma stem from this singular ingredient. The careful selection and preparation by Granville Island Spice Co. ensure the integrity and authenticity of this spice, allowing you to infuse your dishes with a touch of excitement.
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