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File Powder

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Filé powder, a native North American herb derived from dried and ground sassafras leaves, offers a unique and enchanting taste that harkens back to the woodsy and earthy notes of root beer. Embrace the enchanting flavor of filé powder as it weaves its magic in your Gumbo and other savory delights. Let its woodsy essence transport you to the heart of North American cuisine, where rich flavors and cultural heritage converge. Experience the joy of filé gumbo and indulge in the culinary legacy it bestows, creating moments of big fun on the bayou with every delectable spoonful.

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With its significance extending beyond flavor, filé powder proves itself as both a thickener and a defining element in quintessential Cajun/Creole dishes like Gumbo, crawfish pie, and jambalaya. As the song goes, "a filé gumbo son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou." The name "filé" aptly translates to "stringy," and this holds particular importance in its culinary application. Gumbo File;Adding filé powder to Gumbo must be done at the end of cooking and off the heat. Boiling filé powder could lead to an unappetizing, stringy texture in your Gumbo. As a tradition, filé powder is often passed at the table, allowing individuals to adjust the flavor to their liking.



Filé powder, hanpicked from North America, a herb derived from dried and ground sassafras leaves.
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