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Ground Coriander

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As a culinary herb, coriander is also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley. The seeds however have a completely different flavour than the fresh leaves and roots, lemony, bright and delicate rather than pungent. Coriander is used generously in both savoury and sweet dishes throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and even Europe. Ample quantities are used to balance and brighten pungent spice mixes. Coriander is particularly pleasant with fish and poultry, and with apples and other fruits. You can't really use too much of this versatile spice so use it up while it is still fragrant and flavourful!

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Amidst savory and sweet creations, coriander plays a vital role, adding a burst of freshness and balance. In pungent spice mixes, it acts as a harmonizing force, brightening the overall flavors. Whether paired with fish, poultry, apples, or other fruits, coriander showcases its pleasant and vibrant personality, enhancing the taste of every dish it graces.



Ground coriander shines as a versatile herb, bearing the alternate names of cilantro or Chinese parsley. While the fresh leaves and roots boast a pungent taste, the seeds offer a completely different flavor profile—lemony, bright, and delicate.
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