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Aji Amarillo, Dried

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Size: 60 g / 2.1 oz
Aji is the Latin American Spanish word for chile and amarillo simply means yellow, so, aji amarillos are Peruvian yellow chiles (capsicum baccatum), their bright yellow turning to a blazing orange as they ripen. They are very hot and delightfully sweet and fruity. To prepare, remove stem and seeds, toast very lightly (over-roasting will burn the chile and make it bitter) by tossing in a dry skillet until slightly puffed, then soak in hot water for about 20 minutes. Use in soups, stews, ceviche, and in colourful salsas and dips, which, in Peru, frequently contain dairy products including cheese.
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Incorporating Aji Amarillo into your cooking brings an exciting twist to various dishes. This spice harmonizes wonderfully with Latin American and Peruvian cuisines, elevating ceviches, stews, and roasted meats. Ingredients Our "Granville Island Spice Co - Aji Amarillo" blend is a fusion of premium dried Aji Amarillo peppers. This distinctive spice imparts its unique flavor to your dishes, showcasing its pepper-forward essence with notes of tropical fruitiness. Dried to preserve its natural character, Aji Amarillo takes center stage in your culinary explorations. Enhance your dishes effortlessly with the essence of this remarkable pepper, whether used as a standalone seasoning or combined with other spices to craft your own signature blends.

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