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Sriracha Salt

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Size: 85 g / 2.98 oz
Embark on a culinary journey with Granville Island Spice Co's Sriracha Salt. This ingenious fusion combines the bold flavors of homemade sriracha with the purity of sea salt, offering a remarkable culinary experience. Elevate your dishes with a dash of captivating heat and a hint of tanginess.

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Spice up your dishes with the vibrant charm of Sriracha Salt. Enhance noodles, stir-fries, and even popcorn with a sprinkle of this creative blend. Delight in its versatility across various Asian cuisines, infusing your cooking with a delightful kick. To use, simply season your dishes to taste, unlocking the sensational combination of spicy and tangy notes.



Our Sriracha Salt is meticulously crafted by blending sea salt with the dynamic flavors of homemade sriracha sauce, resulting in a unique and flavorful seasoning.
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Since 1994, Granville Island Spice Co. has been on a mission to bring the world's most intense and flavorful spices to your doorstep. Sourcing from every corner of the globe, we're more than just a spice company; we're your passport to a world of culinary wonders. Located in the heart of Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market, we invite foodies, chefs, and home cooks to a journey through global flavors.

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Every product in our collection is sustainably sourced, ensuring respect for the environment and local communities.

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Our spices are a passport to global cuisines, carefully selected from the finest sources worldwide.

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Our premium range represents the pinnacle of quality, delivering unmatched freshness and taste.

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