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Kosher Salt

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Size: 250 g / 8.75 oz

The flake structure of this pure salt provides a soft, pleasant mouthfeel which makes it perfect for use as a finishing salt. It's flake-like structure lends itself to the process of koshering meats by more efficiently drawing blood away from the surface.

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Kosher Salt, or Sel Casher, is a kitchen staple that offers precise seasoning control. Use it for everything from seasoning meats to enhancing the flavor of your vegetables. The larger grains make it easy to pinch and sprinkle, allowing you to add a precise amount to your recipes. Discover how kosher salt can elevate your cooking by bringing out the natural flavors of your ingredients.



Our Kosher Salt, or Sel Casher, is made from pure salt crystals. These larger grains are specifically designed for culinary use, allowing you to easily control the level of seasoning in your dishes. Embrace the simplicity of this essential ingredient and let it be the backbone of your flavorful creations.
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