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Dried Habanero Peppers

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Habanero means from Havana, which ironic, since Cuban food is distinctly un-hot and these extremely hot chiles are unknown there. I suspect that Mexicans call them Habaneros in reference to their relationship with Latin America Scotch Bonnets, which are very similar in heat and fragrant, peachiness. Rehydrate and use to add heat and fruitiness to anything. Particularly good in kut, a fiery, citrusy, Yucatecan salsa.
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These peppers can add an electrifying heat to salsas, hot sauces, and marinades, transforming ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. Their vibrant flavor pairs well with fruits like mango and pineapple, creating a dynamic balance of sweet and heat. Exercise caution when handling Habanero peppers, and consider wearing gloves to protect your skin from their intense heat. Embrace the adventurous spirit of these peppers and experiment with small quantities to add an exciting dimension to your favorite recipes.



Granville Island Spice Co - Dried Habanero Peppers" consist of premium dried Habanero peppers. These peppers, renowned for their fiery kick, are a testament to their Havana origins. The intense heat of Habanero peppers makes them a coveted ingredient for those who enjoy pushing their taste boundaries. Infuse your dishes with the fiery character of Habanero peppers and elevate your culinary creations with a touch of Havana's finest.
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