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The Convenient Way to Cook Up a World of Flavor

Explore Global Cuisines with Our All-in-One Spice Kits—Every Meal, an Effortless Adventure.

Our spice kits are more than just a collection of seasonings; they're an innovate way to explore home cooking that combines convenience with creativity. Transform your meal prep and cooking into an effortless, enjoyable experience

Your Gateway to Effortless Gourmet Meals - Unlock the Secret to Simple, Diverse Dining.

Available Spice Kits Include:

Mexican Fiesta

Seafood Spectacular

Middle Eastern

BBQ Master

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Curated Spice Kits for Every Cuisine

Each kit is carefully crafted with essential spices to capture the essence of various world cuisines, from the rich Indian Curry Creations to the lively Mexican Fiesta Kit.

We ensure the highest quality and authenticity in our selection.

Versatile and Varied:  Our spice kits are designed for flexibility, enabling you to create a wide range of meals from a single kit.

Elevate your cooking effortlessly: Our kits come with a digital guide full of recipes and tips, making it easy to infuse your dishes with depth and authenticity. No more hunting for rare spices or settling for dull flavors.

Designed for Convenience: Save time and streamline your cooking with our harmonized spice sets. Our kits reduce prep time and guesswork, packaged in durable, easy-to-store containers to keep your spices fresh and your kitchen organized.


Globally Inspired, Locally Crafted

Our 20 themed spice kits are crafted from high-quality, authentic spices gathered from across the world, bringing global cuisine right to your kitchen.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Designed for chefs and novices alike, our kits come with a variety of meal ideas and recipes, ensuring you're never at a loss for what to cook next.

Taste That Transcends Boundaries

From Middle Eastern Magic to Italian Pasta & Pizza, our kits promise authentic flavors for a diverse range of dishes, enhancing every meal with just a sprinkle.

Perfect for Every Palate

Catering to all taste preferences, our kits offer something for everyone, whether you're into spicy, comforting, or seafood dishes, elevating your culinary experience.


Not Just A Collection Of Spices

  • Every Kit Includes 20 Recipes
    Easily Explore World Cuisine 
  • Easy To Make Meals
    Our Goal Is To Help You Make Easy Meals
  • Discover New Culinary Experiences
    Our Kits Are Designed To Inspire

Four Different Spice Kits To Choose From

Middle Eastern Spice Kit-3 Resize.jpg__PID:f92de837-09e2-4761-9742-023321afed48

Middle Eastern Magic

Seafood Spice Kit Resize.jpg__PID:e83709e2-1761-4742-8233-21afed486b0d

Seafood Spectacular

Mexican Spice Kit-2 Resize.jpg__PID:2191ec68-fd8c-4bd2-aea5-cea687cb7783

Mexican Fiesta

BBQ Spice Kit-3.jpg__PID:e85dd5df-2191-4c68-bd8c-bbd26ea5cea6

BBQ Master Kit

Learn More About Each Kit

Each kit comes with a selection of spices and specific recipes that will help you make up to 20 meals with the available spices.

Middle Eastern Magic

Spices Included

Sumac, Za'atar, Aleppo Pepper, Shawarma Spice, Ground Cumin, Ground Coriander, Bay Leaves

Enjoy experimenting with these spices to create dishes that transport your palate to the heart of the Middle East!

Seafood Spectacular

Spices Included

Savary Island Salmon Spice, Dill, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Powder, Desolation Sound Seafood Rub

Each recipe is designed to bring out the best in seafood while ensuring that the cooking process remains straightforward, making them perfect for home cooks looking to impress with minimal fuss.

Mexican Fiesta

Spices Included

New Mexican Chile Powder, Cumin, Ground Mexican Oregano, Cayenne, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Smoked Paprika Hot

Each of these recipes brings the essence of Mexican cuisine to your table, with a mix of traditional flavors and modern twists.

BBQ Master Kit

Spices Included

Backyard BBQ, Smoked Coarse Salt, Jamaican Jerk, Montreal Steak Spice, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Hungarian Sweet Paprika

Enjoy exploring the flavorful world of BBQ with these spice-infused dishes!

About Granville Island Spice Co

Founded in 1994, Granville Island Spice Co. sells the highest quality spices and exotic ingredients from around the world.

Located in the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, Granville Island Spice Co. has been a central destination for locals, tourists and foodies from around the world.

As Seen In....

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Get Started  Making Delicious Meals With Granville Island Spice Co Kits

It's like a recipe book that includes the ingredients.  How convenient is that?

Here are a few of the meals you can make....


Lemon-Pepper Cod Cakes


Chorizo and Potato Tacos


Montreal Spiced Steak

Join the Flavor Revolution!

Ready to transform your cooking and embark on a flavorful adventure? Choose your favourite spice kits today and take the first step towards unlocking the secrets of world cuisine. With our expertly curated selections, you're not just cooking; you're creating memories, one spice at a time.

Dive into a world of flavor. Your culinary adventure starts now.

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